Mercedes-AMG Test New Hypercar Car, Appears 2021

Mercedes-AMG Test New Hypercar Car, Appears 2021

Mercedes-AMG has broken the long silence over its delayed Project One hypercar program, releasing new images and details from the testing phase.

The hypercar was cited on Daimler’s official website on Monday (Aug. 24, 2020) and uses a 1.6-liter hybrid V6 engine adapted from a 2017 Formula One car. This car is equipped with an all-wheel drive system and is said to be capable of producing 1,000 horsepower.

This powerful car was originally scheduled to appear in early 2019, but had to be pushed back due to technical issues. One of them is the obstacle of getting a complex powertrain or drivetrain to meet WLTP emission standards.

In addition, the problem also occurs at the steady-state speed (idle) of F1 engines, which in race specifications is about 5,000 rpm. Mercedes-AMG engineers have been tasked with keeping the vehicle’s idle speed at around 1,200 rpm.

Currently, the Mercedes-AMG hypercar is undergoing dynamic testing. The company is using the Immendingen test station with the aim of achieving new dimensions of driving dynamics and performance for road vehicles.

Meanwhile, testing will soon move to the Nürburgring. Mercedes-AMG is likely to test lap records on the track once car tuning is complete.

It is known that at the current exchange rate, Mercedes-AMG will produce only 275 units of a hypercar at a price of 2.27 million euros, or the equivalent of IDR 39 billion. According to the plan, the car will be launched on the international market next year.