Supercar enthusiasts know that there is one brand you can never go wrong with, and that is Ferrari. The name itself has become synonymous with technical innovation and speed. To drive one is surely part of every gearhead’s dreams.

Ferrari fans in New Jersey are in luck as there are now multiple supercar sellers in the area looking to make a deal. Of course, choosing the particular model is a hard choice since all of them are virtually perfect. However, if we were to make a suggestion, we would highly recommend that car enthusiasts give the Ferrari 360 Spider a spin. This article provides a quick description of what makes this exotic automobile so great.

Ferrari 360 Spider

One of the most important things you need to know about the Ferrari 360 Spider is that it was the company’s 20th road-compatible convertible. At the time of its launch, the 360 spider was the most advanced car of its kind.

This was mainly due to the aerodynamic design and features directly lifted from the company’s experience at the Formula One track; the world’s finest racing stage. This car makes use of an undercarriage that directs airflow beneath the car towards the extractors located under the tail. At the same time, it also has twin radiators.

In addition to this, the car was also subjected to long hours in the wind tunnel. This doesn’t take away from the fact that a Formula One-inspired nolder was installed on the leading edge of the car tail. This explains how it is able to achieve a downforce of over 170 Kg at maximum speed without making use of wings or even a spoiler.

Of course, all of this is secondary when it comes to supercar enthusiasts. No doubt you are itching to hear about its power and speed. It would please you to know then that the 360 Spider has a mid-rear 3586 cc V8 engine that is more than capable of punching out no less than 400 horsepower at 8,500 rpm. This car has been known to reach speeds exceeding 290 km/h regardless whether the top has been put up or down.

Despite the ultra-powerful 400-hp V8 engine’s position in the middle of the car, Ferrari was still able to incorporate a hood design that could automatically fold away into the engine bay. This may be a subtle feature, yet it represents and guarantees the superb purity of the car’s lineage. This fact was further underscored by the bodywork behind the seats and the roll-bars that ensured driver and passenger safety.

This close attention to the finer details is what ultimately sets Ferrari apart from other supercar makers. One can never really go wrong with such a finely made car like the 360 Spider.

Ferrari for Sale NJ

Since its initial introduction, the 360 Spider has attained a legendary status among the supercar enthusiast circles. If you ever find yourself looking for Ferrari for Sale NJ, then make sure to ask if they have the Spider 360 on hand.