North Carolina Ferrari enthusiasts always have something to cheer for, especially with the state of their car enthusiast community over there. Many people don’t realize it but the Ferrari community over there is so dynamic that one can hardly believe it. That is why it would be wholly unsurprising to find that they have one of the rarest and most coveted supercars on sale.

If you did not figure it out already, we are referring to the Enzo. This article presents readers with everything they need to know about this rare supercar.

Ferrari Enzo – An Overview

Throughout its history, Ferrari has produced a multitude of high-end supercars. However, in spite of its reputation to produce the finest cars known to man, there are a couple of models which still stand out from the rest of the pack. These are the cream of the crop, the best supercars in history. This title is reserved for a select few including the GTO, F40, and F50. In 2002, the Enzo became the latest addition to this elite list.

Like all other top supercars, the Enzo was a limited edition with just 400 being made. This status is not to be taken lightly. This can only mean that a car has reached the pinnacle of technological and racing innovation. The Enzo has certainly done that with many of its features being direct products of the company’s time in the Formula One racing track.

Design and Features

The Enzo certainly has a lot going for it. Not only does it feature advanced composite bodywork, it also comes equipped with sandwich chassis made from carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb. It is perfectly aerodynamic in design as it takes inspiration from the Formula One racing cars of its time.

Of course, all Ferrari enthusiasts want to know is the power rating and speed capacity of the car. To answer that question, the Enzo comes equipped with a 5998cc 65° V12 engine. It is more than capable of producing 660hp, reaching speeds up to 350km/hr. On top of that, the car has the ability to adjust its downwards force from 775 kg at speeds of 300 km/h to less than 585 kg once it has reached the car’s maximum speed.

At first glance, it would seem absurd to have a road-compatible car reach those speeds. However, as a true Ferrari enthusiast would tell you, it is a unique experience that cannot be replicated. In fact, the Enzo is the first supercar whose style was heavily influenced by its functionality. Its form and body were not produced for the sole purpose of aesthetics rather it is the product of long research hours and the finest automotive engineering.

Ferrari for Sale in NC

As one of the finest supercar communities around, it would be hardly surprising to find that there are many Ferrari for sale in NC. That may seem odd but it is true. If you are on the market for a new supercar, make sure that you look for the Ferrari Enzo.